Alleyway interview between That Fucking Panda and Kim of Kim and the Created. Filmed at Soda Bar in San Diego, California.

Michael Deni of Geographer dishes on their new album (Ghost Modern), favorite TV shows, what music he's currently listening to and of course... Oprah. Filmed at the Casbah in San Diego, California.

An interview with Sea Wolf about how they got their name, their album Old World Romance, all before their show. Co-filmed with Sreang Hok at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Oregon.

Tom Van Buskirk, of electro-pop duo Javelin, tells us the band's music philosophy and why he likes finding weird tracks that no one has ever sampled or heard of before. Filmed at Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon.

What does this underground rapper from Miami, Space Ghost Purrp, think is missing from the rap game? Find out. Co-filmed with Sreang Hok at the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon.
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