Vibrant Valley Farm is a group of dedicated farmers committed to exploring innovative solutions to enliven the current food, floral and fiber systems. The farm is located on Sauvie Island, on unceded Wapato Territory.
From farm to fashion, VVF's vision was to tell the story of the indigo plant they grow & extract to their creation of custom-fitted hand-washed blazers dipped in their own indigo dyes. We curated a visual approach to tell their story in three chapters: the History, the Process and the Event.
the History
Kara, owner of Vibrant Valley Farm tells the story of
how they got into indigo and the inspirations
behind their dye-making process.
the Process
We go into detail about the dye-making process; 
what it looks like from seed to final product. 
the Event
The purpose was to bring all different
genders, colors and bodies of people together
in a safe space; to spread joy and to have fun.
Scheduling / Logistics

Process Filming
Event Filming
OTF Interviews
Sit Down Interview

Post Production
Color Grading
Audio Mastering

Client: Vibrant Valley Farm
DP: Dustin Tolman & Summer Luu
Editor: Summer Luu
Producer: Hannah Christopherson
Drone Pilot: Ajit Lohar Singh
Audio Engineer: Jamison Harps
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